video editing

Evoking a tear. Stirring a laugh. That’s what we want for our audiences. That’s what we live for. We weed through hours of footage to create cohesive, dynamic and unique stories – your stories. And we wrap it all up with a bow by adding music and sound design that carries your message through.

motion graphics

Motion graphics can help tell your story more fully than video alone. They can be used to explain an abstract concept or to approach a simple concept in a more creative and unusual way. We bring still photographs to life, make logos dance and sing (or a fox talk), and ensure that your audience knows what you’re all about and where they can find you.

3d animation

Sometimes a photo isn’t enough. Maybe you need an image of your product but it doesn’t exist yet. Perhaps you need to dive inside the human body to explain a medical procedure, or open up a mechanical device to reveal its inner workings. 3D animation can seemingly make anything possible, even if it’s just fashioning your logo out of chrome and glass.


Video Editing

Motion Graphics

3D Animation

Visual Effects

Graphic Design

Photo Retouching

Color Correction

Motion Tracking


Data Visualization

Storyboards & Style Frames

Media Compression & Conversion

Closed Captioning


Adobe Premiere

Adobe After Effects

Maxon Cinema 4D

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Audition

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